Recycling Today

You had a party and want to get rid of the empty bottles? You want to recycle but there’s no space?
And time is missing anyway...

Collect all materials like PET and plastic bottles, glass, cans, batteries and a lot more in one bag. Our birdie will pick it up, sort and dispose the materials and your worries are gone!

Of course our birdie also takes care of the recycling issues in your office!




1 pickup/month
CHF 14.90/month


2 pickups/month
CHF 21.90/month

Double Plus

2 pickups/month
CHF 31.90/month


Our special bags and reminder SMS included in all subscriptions. 3 bags (35L) per pickup with Single and Double, 5 bags with Double Plus. Contract Period : 3 months


Special Needs?
Call us - phone 061 556 96 15!

All this fits the bag: