How It All Started

For growing parts of society recycling and the protection of our natural ressources is an important issue. On the other side a lot of households and companies have a lack of time when it comes to the correct disposal of recyclables and room for the collection is missing too. « picks up » closes this gap and makes recycling confortable, time saving and suistainable.

At the end of 2011 I started a test project with family and friends. This was when picks up was born. Today our birdie is on tour in the regions of Basel, Bern and Zurich. We started to collect more and more materials and professionalized the service day by day. What started with standard black plastic bags – marked with selfmade stickers – is the white-green picks up-bag, which is found in every part of the city. From single housholds to offices – picks up is the ideal recycling solution for everybody.

My aim is to develop picks up to new levels. Further cities and regions as well as additional recyclables…and of course you: Sign up and try it out!

Manuel Erbacher